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How Do Driver App Features Benefit Taxi Drivers?

To stay competitive in the market, you must create a mobile solution for your business. The world of technology has changed drastically over recent years and all sorts of innovation are appearing all around us and this includes taxis as well. You will be able to distinguish yourself from the other taxis that are planning to launch their own taxi service, despite the competition from low-cost transportation companies like Uber or car rental services that offer similar amenities and superior customer service.

There are numerous kinds of taxi apps available on the market. The one type that is specifically designed for businesses with a long history and need is called the One Type. It lets customers make reservations quickly and allows drivers to find potential fare options faster than before.

Two distinct apps were developed by the developers to address the needs of both drivers and passengers. This provides better-customized features to both of the parties involved, giving you an an exclusive opportunity to get everything you need, without distractions or interruptions.

These are the essential features that must be included in driver apps.

One key factor to maintaining customer loyalty in the taxi business is to ensure drivers have full control over their applications. Driver-friendly features give new customers as well as those who are already customers to concentrate on the task with less hassle which will result in more effective service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers always prefer to use applications that make it easier for them to work and allow them to follow the most effective practices. GPS tracking systems can pinpoint the location of the person in question, however once they’ve shared their permission, it makes it much easier for drivers in need of finding them at any time because he or she will know exactly where his/her family members are.

Button It is available

Drivers can now use their phones to indicate that they are open to new requests and take notes. They will be notified when there is a request. This lets them get a better fare and any other information, including the location.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers will be able to examine their overall performance in comparison to other drivers and gain vital statistics about their trip. You can also see comments from other riders to find out if there are positive or negative comments.

Email & SMS Alerts

All important messages from passengers will be sent to the taxicabs by email and SMS alerts. Passengers can also transmit messages to the cabs via email or SMS. The interface is easy and simple to use.

Begin/End Ride

Maps are a great way to pinpoint your location. The map will indicate where pickup and drop-off points are available, which makes it easier to all parties.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

The passenger will be notified within seconds if the driver agrees or denies their request to transport. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 seconds of receiving the notification via the app, it’s a sign that there aren’t any cars in the area that are able to transport them.

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