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Star Wars: Facts You Didn’t Know About Lightsaber

The Lightsaber can be used to kill any foe. It’s a stylish, but simple design , made of lightweight metal. There are two handles on either end and a switch that turns it off or on between strikes.

All over the world, fans are enthralled by lightsabers, which are one of pop culture’s most loved weapons. These elegant swords remain a mysterious weapon. What’s the secret behind their use? And what is it that makes them unique which allow them to fight for possession of or to protect themselves from another’s anger using only a piece of metal? It is not enough to answer the question at this point. The answer lies in a detailed explanation.

Before the establishment of The Republic, there were Lightsabers being used. They were developed as a reaction to intense meditation techniques that could be used during wartime; their ability to penetrate battlefields like nothing else could at times even be comparable to their capabilities. In the present, you could be hearing of First Blades or Force Wars. But, these stories are based on myths.

Star Wars legends describe a time when two warriors used lightsabers in battle. The proto-saber, the first light-saber that is known, was said to have produced twin beams along by means of its prongs. This caused a gruelling display that altered individuals to experience heart rhythms and made them feel too quick.

The lightsaber is an extremely versatile weapon. It consists of the plasma sword, which is powered by Kyber stones. If the emitter matrix isn’t aligned correctly, it will cause unfortunate consequences. The modern-day lightsabers have become more complicated due to their ability as both weaponry for combat and swordplay against the native Tibanna’s flora, which includes flowers that have medicinal uses, such as Mon Mothma grass (which aids in treating radiation poisoning).

Imagine the terror that could come over you when your arm is in flames and a blade from an opponent’s weapon slices through it. You can try to put out the fire, but even failing that, you’re probably going to lose some function to whatever area was struck by this blast. Avoid any May Lazares (or more serious) at all possible.

Kyber crystals can be described as Force-attuned stone that are found on numerous planets across the galaxy. Living Crystals can talk to one other and share an unidentified consciousness. Some even claim that they can communicate with and other living creatures, as well as non-living objects like computers. The crystals specially developed to store and concentrate lightsaber’s power are called “specialized”. Living crystals can withstand high temperatures and pressures in stellar cores, as well being in different environments which makes them the ideal vessel for this important job.

The Force is always with us and we’re able to feel it. Each kyber crystal has its resonance, a sound that guided any Jedi who was building their lightsabers to the correct one. Other emitted sounds to guide them to the right one. Certain emitted coldness that allowed contact with someone.

Kyber crystals are the heart of a lightsaber and they bind to Jedi Masters to turn their blades to different colors. Blue and green are the most popular colors on both sides depending on which side it’s on. However, this special power was granted by Luke Skywalker so that any color can be made.

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