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What Do You Mean By Latency?

Latency is the amount of time it takes for your device and your computer to respond after you complete actions like clicking an online link. The majority of people will not notice any difference in their Spotify streaming or listening however gamers may experience problems because of the latency. Satellite internet has a more precise connection than wired ones. This means they might experience slower performance in games due to the high loss rates.

Latency refers to the time delay between the input (in this instance , an anchor) and the time it’s transmitted to other. Latency can also influence your responsiveness when you play video games online or watch YouTube videos online. This is due to the fact that they aren’t always 100% accurate in timing, due to their speed over fiber optics cables.

What causes latencies?

End-users and gamers who want the ability to access their favorite content from anywhere anytime, are affected by latency. The factors that affect your latency include distance between your computer and the server and everything else that is in between such as Wi-Fi strength (or the absence thereof). Also, you can have an effect on the router/modem combination that you are using – there are many options! This doesn’t have the need to be difficult If you’re confused initially. We’ll explain every part of the process here.


Latency is the duration required for information to travel to travel from one place to get to the next. This is the distance between your computer and any server(s) that is how much data you request from said machine. If the distance between them is not sufficient, then there is a rise in the latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay, the primary factor in determining the latency that you experience when browsing with your laptop or desktop is essential. It affects other measures of bandwidth and connection speed such as download speeds (which rely on the reception of data packets from where they were sent) as well as uploads, which depend on having an active network card. The same holds true for wirelessly connecting.

The types of Internet Connection

There is a huge difference in the latency that exists between the different kinds of internet connections. Cable and DSL both have lower speed, while fiber is an average of higher. Satellite tends to be slow because of its design which requires more space for transmission. This can lead to long wait times, as well as a higher buffering capabilities on websites that you need access to music videos or audio files.

What’s on a website?

Have you ever clicked on a link and waited several hours for the site to load? It’s because someone was trying too hard on their Angelfire page. It was filled with The Office memes, so each time you visit it, it takes longer than usual.

When you visit a website which contains large files such as HD videos or images, your web browser needs to download these files. There may be some delay in the event that the files are stored in a remote server from the site you are currently browsing.

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